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Our Lady Of Fashion " Queen Ftema "

Our Lady Of Fashion we have evolved into a revolution of clothing and design in this consistently changing industry. I have shopped all over the place an of course plan to shop more and have seen the fashion future and trend cycle. Fashion is 360 is all areas it has been done before at this point until proven street ready darling. Queens and Kings of fashion in history have all had an awesome style of dress and like to be with the modern times of the industry. Vogue magazine and all of the other fashion journals have been like bibles for trendy people. I have been victim of strolling in fashion magazines and having fantasy of a bag or outfit for myself or others. We are posh people of the population and fashion is the number one topic of all our day. When you wake up to go outside you have to put on to appear " The World is our runway". ( Paper Posh 2018 Our Lady Of Fashion @all rights reserved 2018) Major fashion labels or houses are becoming less popular as resale shops are on the rise. People don't want to many looks to store and more looks to rock so this system is ideal for a person into trend.As one of my Posh followers on instagram says " Stone Keen Dolly " Straight from the desk of Posh.

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