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I am currently writing a novel to be scripted on egg donors and how people use other people's based on dna. " Posh Eggs" One day a girl needs cash for education and a famous couple where the female bleeds and can't produce eggs decide to use a beautiful smart donor which is the mistress of the male. The first egg was taken and was not used at first until they wanted to publicy . It went so well they wanted more donations and this is where it got little crazy. The illegal eviction and many other horrific events take place which lead to the couple wanting the eggs to where they force donor to become homeless and take eggs from the beautiful madden. The story is a reality based fiction action thriller and is currently being working on and is scheduled to be released in early June 12 of 2018. The killing of the doctors that planted the egg to secret love affair with the husband and the egg donor you will be off your sets when reading or even imaging the visual of this scandal. Also the competition with the wife and the donor as entertainers is explicit with other artists getting involved to either expose or cover up this industry tale on " Who's Egg Is It". The prophecy aspect and biblical form is even more intestense with " Our Lady Of Fatima" and her 3 peasant children makes the plot thicken like southern gravy. This is the scandal of the summer that you need to check for in your reading and viewing media.

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